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About Nutshell

Welcome to Nutshell! This page has been created to try and make the whole Nutshell concept a bit clearer, and to explain why you would want to use Nutshell over other social networks.

What are we up to?

Over the past couple of months, we have been working on developing a new kind of social network, designed for what's important: actually keeping in touch with your friends. Especially during these times of lockdown and other measures, it is increasingly difficult to stay up-to-date with everybody you care about, and individually calling or texting every single one of them is virtually impossible.

But how do we solve this issue?

In comes Nutshell! We've designed this social network for people who just want to share what they've been doing over the past period with their friends, and want to be able to follow what their friends have been up to. That's all it is! No more tag-abuse, no more random scrolling until you've run out of hours in a day, just you and your friends sharing your stories.

What is a Nutshell?

These stories come as Nutshells, and can be posted once a week. You will have all week to edit them and write them just as you'd like, and can schedule them for release every Monday. If weekly updates are too much, you can decide to make your Nutshells bi-weekly, monthly, or just whenever you feel like it!

How is Nutshell different from other social networks?

The app has been purposely designed to not feature more functionality than sharing your own Nutshell and reading your friends' Nutshells. This should reduce both the social media anxiety commonly caused by focus on the number of friends or likes a user has, and the amount of time spent in-app, scrolling aimlessly. We feel like all time spent in the Nutshell app should be used to write your own Nutshell and read your friends' Nutshells, no more and no less.

What is Nutshell's purpose?

Should amazing Nutshells compel you to talk to your friends some more, we will have achieved our goal! Luckily, a plethora of options is available to do this, such as calling, texting, or actually dropping by in person once that's allowed again. This way, we feel that this is the first social network to actually promote social behavior!

Is my data safe with Nutshell?

Contrary to some other social networks, your data will never be shared with external parties, and we will also never use it ourselves to manipulate you. In addition, we're even aiming to be and stay an ad-free social network! We personally despise advertisements, as they are either irrelevant or scarily accurate, they take away attention from the important things, and are overall a waste of your time. If you'd like to purchase an item or service, you're perfectly capable of looking up what you'd like yourself.

Is Nutshell free?

Yes, Nutshell will always be free to use. Additional functionality that is still to be developed might become pay-to-use as a way for us to pay our bills, but users will always be able to use our network for free! Just a tip of the veil: in the future, you can expect functionality such as photo posting, audio Nutshells, and likely things that we haven't even though of yet. It's up to you to use Nutshell and figure out what you would like to see in the network!

How was Nutshell born?

Nutshell was first spoken aloud after a couple of beers between friends. It turns out, both had had the idea individually, as they were both not happy with the options given to them by current social networks. The whole social aspect tends to get snowed in by advertisements, tag abuse, limited posting abilities, or just very little interaction. Both felt the need to be able to keep their friends updated about their lives and to remain updated about their friends' lives, but limits to time and socially acceptable behavior made this difficult, in particular with dear friends that lived farther away than optimal. They also felt very strongly that they did not like time-sink networks, as time is precious enough as it is. Being the doers that we are, we decided to give building our own social network a shot!

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